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History Excursion Holiday - Les Charmes de Carlucet

Stay at Les Charmes de Carlucet in the heart of the “Golden triangle of the Dordogne valley” and discover the most beautiful, interesting & historical sites this stunning region has to offer with our experienced, fun & informative guide. English and French spoken.

  • Come and discover what is probably the most historic and beautiful region in France.
  • 5 days of guided tours & 6 nights accommodation included.
  • Guided visits include the stunning medieval town of Sarlat, the jewel of the Dordogne valley & its most beautiful villages.
  • Stunning Chateaux of the Dordogne valley.
  • A boat trip on a traditional flat bottomed barge along the Dordogne river
  • Discover the most important and fascinating pre-historic world heritage sites along the Vezere valley including the world famous caves of Lascaux.
  • Discover spectacular Rocamadour, and the most beautiful villages of the Lot Dordogne valley.
  • Enjoy a delicious and unforgettable fine dining experience by our talented & creative chef Henri Florance, prepared and served to you in the beautiful surroundings of Les Charmes de Carlucet.

from 895 € (6 nights accommodation, 5 days of excursions, all breakfasts and 4 dinners included)


For artists who have some experience of painting outdoors and wish to capture the beautiful scenery and changing light of this stunning area.

  • Starts Sunday 7th October 7pm, finishes Saturday 13th Oct 10am
  • Paint in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel and even a mixture of these
  • Accomplished, talented and experienced tutor with many years of teaching in many different media. Diana Seidl
  • 5 days of tuition, 12 artists maximum in group
  • 6 nights accommodation, all meals included. (apart from final dinner in local restaurant)
  • Stay at the beautiful Les Charmes de Carlucet
  • Located in the heart of the beautiful Dordogne, surrounded by stunning scenery
  • Each day starts with focusing on a particular aspect of landscape painting
  • Followed by excursions to beautiful painting locations near by
  • Finish each day with an assessment of the day back in the studio at Les Charmes and dinner

from 1,100 € (6 nights accommodation, all tuition and meals included apart from final dinner in local restaurant)

Les Charmes de Carlucet - Photography Holidays

Residential photography holiday in the heart of the beautiful Dordogne with highly experienced and talented tutor. All levels of ability welcome.

  • 5 days of tuition with Mairi Thomas, outstanding photographer and highly qualified, experienced photography teacher
  • 6 nights accommodation in this stunning 5 star 18th century Manor house
  • Understand and use your cameras key functions more effectively (controlling exposure, depth of field, and focus)
  • Understand and show how the use of light and composition/ framing creates more striking images and effects
  • Download, edit, and store your images, using common photo editing programs such as Lightroom or Photoshop
  • Maximum per group is 8 people
  • All meals included (apart from 2 dinners and 1 lunch at local restaurants)
  • Each day starts in the studio focusing on different aspects of photography
  • Daily excursions to beautiful locations in the Dordogne to practice and improve your photographic skills
  • Day finishes back at Les Charmes for a round up of the day and dinner

from 1,240 € (6 nights accommodation, all tuition and meals included apart from 2 dinners and 1 lunch at local restaurants)